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Across the great divide

I’m watching Debate Night, the new BBC Scotland channel’s answer to Question Time. It serves to underline a question I have been asking myself more and more frequently in recent months: how do we engage with people who hold diametrically … Continue reading

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Long division

A woman got onto the train the other day and sat down opposite me. She was fifty-ish, tanned and smartly dressed. She had come from the airport and was breathless. We chatted and I learned that she had been to … Continue reading

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Laugh or cry?

We are living in exceedingly strange times. Nine months ago Scots were being cajoled and entreated to remain in the Union. Today those same beseeching voices are demonising us as the hirsute hordes, poised to breach Hadrian’s Wall and wreak … Continue reading

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Caledonia dreaming

It hurts to see a dream extinguished. It hurts a lot. It’s taken me a few days to start to regain my equilibrium and it will take a lot longer to fully absorb what happened last Thursday. I believe Scotland … Continue reading

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The last post

Tomorrow, 18 September, we will not be voting in the UK divorce referendum. We will not be voting in the UK separation referendum. We will be voting in the Scottish independence referendum. Independence is one of the most basic of … Continue reading

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A letter to the undecided

Dear Friend I’m writing this on a spellbinding early Indian summer’s morning in Perthshire. The mist has burnt off and the sky is cloudless. The trees and bracken are just starting to turn. The hills are within touching distance. All … Continue reading

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All fired up

Writing in The Guardian this week, George Monbiot offered an intriguing perspective on the referendum. Imagine a state that was considering surrendering its sovereignty to a larger union, he proposed. It would retain a measure of autonomy but cede key … Continue reading

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