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Muddling through

Halfway through the cross-examination stage of The Debate on Tuesday night I started to write an exasperated Tweet, then realised that Twitter had crashed. The aperçu thus denied to the world was this: can there be any more shameful way … Continue reading

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In poor health

With less than 50 days to go till the referendum I went along this week to a meeting of my local Yes group to offer support. Suddenly, a weekly blog doesn’t seem enough. Like many other people I’ve spoken to, … Continue reading

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Sticky labels

How diminished we are by the labels that people attach to us or we attach to ourselves. And how forcefully that has been brought home to me during the referendum campaign. Nationalist, Unionist. Yes, No. Scottish, English. None of us … Continue reading

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96 days

Sometimes an idea grips you in the guts and won’t let go. No amount of reasoning will dislodge it and in time one comes to accept it as a personal truth. So it is for me with Scottish independence. Wherever … Continue reading

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Voice of a nation

How do I explain to my English friends why I feel as I do about Scottish independence? Writing this on the day when that most unlikely of Westminster triumvirates declared that they’re closing the door on possible monetary union, the … Continue reading

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Why not How

Much of the work I do involves trying to move people beyond the normal organisational pre-occupations with process. Whether I’m helping them develop a voice for their organisation, tell its story, or explore where it might be going, the challenge … Continue reading

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Listen to the child

Last weekend we ran part two of our series of personal insight workshops, The Stories We Tell. The first looks at what we can learn about ourselves from the stories we tell about where we have come from. The second … Continue reading

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Small nation

I sat next to our local MSP at a dinner on Wednesday night. It was a fund-raiser for the upkeep of Dunkeld Cathedral, just across the river from where I live. The MSP happens to be John Swinney, Scotland’s Finance … Continue reading

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Love-hate (part 1)

There has been much talk of independence on the Dark Angels course this week. Location has a lot to do with it. Our venue, Moniack Mhor, the Arvon Foundation writers’ centre, is perched on a hilltop just above Loch Ness with … Continue reading

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