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Don Roberto and Me

For the last few months I’ve found it almost impossible to keep current events from my mind for very long. There’s a morbid fascination in the catastrophe that is British politics. Each time I think it couldn’t get any worse, … Continue reading

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Second wind

I’ve mentioned here my friend and neighbour, Fiona Ritchie, before. Fiona is an authority on the traditional music of Scotland and Ireland. From her tiny studio in Dunkeld she presents the most-listened-to Celtic music programme on US radio, the weekly … Continue reading

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A vote for kindness

I posted last week from Northumberland on Thursday, election eve, unaware of what was going to happen the next day. By the time I left to drive home on Saturday morning, the political landscape in Scotland had changed beyond recognition. … Continue reading

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Caledonia dreaming

It hurts to see a dream extinguished. It hurts a lot. It’s taken me a few days to start to regain my equilibrium and it will take a lot longer to fully absorb what happened last Thursday. I believe Scotland … Continue reading

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A letter to the undecided

Dear Friend I’m writing this on a spellbinding early Indian summer’s morning in Perthshire. The mist has burnt off and the sky is cloudless. The trees and bracken are just starting to turn. The hills are within touching distance. All … Continue reading

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Two million sleepwalkers?

Last weekend I was in Sweden. I like it there. Things work. People are polite and thoughtful and not obsessed with class. The food and climate are good and the woods and the water remind me of home. It feels … Continue reading

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Getting back to Why

Back in January I wrote about how it seemed to me that the question Why? is so much more fundamental to the independence referendum than the question How? Yet the mainstream of the debate has been framed almost entirely by … Continue reading

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Muddling through

Halfway through the cross-examination stage of The Debate on Tuesday night I started to write an exasperated Tweet, then realised that Twitter had crashed. The aperçu thus denied to the world was this: can there be any more shameful way … Continue reading

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Scared of what?

Picture a beautiful, mountainous, oil-rich country with warm, welcoming people and a distinct and vibrant culture, which one day soon will have the opportunity to choose independence. Scotland? No. Kurdistan. A couple of days ago I was asked to write … Continue reading

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