Off balance

Vestibular neuritis might sound like rot in the front porch. It’s not. It’s a viral infection that causes inflammation in the inner ear and makes one feel dizzy.

It’s the little sibling of labyrinthitis, a truly horrible condition which at its worst is like motion sickness so violent you can’t lift your head from the pillow, or even move your eyes, without wanting to throw up. I know, I’ve had it. Vestibular neuritis is small fry by comparison. Nevertheless, it’s making me feel off balance and I don’t want to inflict unbalanced ramblings on anyone on a Friday morning. So here’s a post to say I won’t be posting today. See you, perfectly poised as usual, next week.

About Jamie Jauncey

Author, writer, blogger, facilitator, musician, co-founder of Dark Angels and The Stories We Tell
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12 Responses to Off balance

  1. anitanee says:

    Hope you feel better soon Jamie 🙂

  2. Jane Cox says:

    Rest and recuperate. Hope you feel better soon, Jamie.

  3. Caroline mawer says:

    Get well soon, Jamie!

  4. James Robertson says:

    Take it easy, Jamie.

  5. Therese says:

    Oh dear Jamie – sounds rough but how eloquently and graciously you let us down. Hope you’re fighting fit soon – take care.

  6. neilsbaker says:

    get well soon

  7. Margaret Wright says:

    Take care. Take the time you think you need and then more! Margaret

  8. wrbcg says:

    Sorry to hear that you are unwell, hope it passes quickly. I remember Grannie had Ménière’s disease towards the end of her life and I hope that there is no genetic predisposition for ear problems. Get well soon.

  9. Dominic V says:

    Wishing you a very speedy recovery.

  10. I had these symptoms some years back and finally decided to see my doctor after I fell face forward onto the table (I was sitting down!) during a meeting. My doctor told me he was going to send me to ‘the specialist who wrote the book’. Sure enough, when I got o see the specialist, there was the book, on the shelf behind him! I knew I was in good hands. P

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  11. Hazel Stevenson says:

    Sorry to hear this Jamie. I hope your VN settles soon and that you are back on track very soon x

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