Hawkwood Jun18I’m Jamie Jauncey, a writer living in the village of Birnam, just across the river Tay from Dunkeld, in Perthshire. Apart from writing this blog, I’ve published a few novels, I help people and organisations find their voices and tell their stories, and with my wife Sarah, a counsellor and yoga teacher, I run personal insight workshops. I’m also a musician. I hope you enjoy A Few Kind Words!

2 Responses to About

  1. june buchanan says:

    Hi Jamie, I’ve known that you are in Birnam and that you and your partner run writing courses, since being told about you by Dot at Jessie Macks a couple of years ago. I was keen to make contact as I write and teach writing, then in Dunoon, where i still live, and now in Glasgow with a friend and colleague called Lynnda Wardle. While publicising our upcoming courses I’ve found three prospective students in Blairgowrie and liked the idea of us doing a day in Birnam next Spring. However, Steph at Birnam Arts has spoken to me today about your courses and it seems that there are similarities in what we do, though your course details are currently unavailable.. I’d really like to have a chat about it. . Best wishes, June Buchanan

  2. Lea Taylor says:

    Hi there, Ive literally just stumbled across your blog and am really taken by the insight and writing. Looking into your home page I notice that you run writing courses and personal insight weekends and residentials. I would love to know more about your writing workshops and insight weekends. Where can I access more information? Many thanks, Lea

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